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Every Sunday I curate a newsletter which is packed with useful apps, tools, resources, articles, gadgets for creative people. Creativerly is a carefully crafted collection of stuff to boost your productivity and creativity. Check out the archive down below to get a taste of what you can expect. If you like the content head straight to the signup.


Hi! My name is Philipp and I am a Multidisciplinary Designer. One of my passions is content curation. I am always on the hunt after apps, tools, and resources which boost my productivity and creativity.

Since I wanted to share all my findings and help fellow designers and creative folks, I decided to start Creativerly. This is my carefully crafted newsletter, which I sent out every Sunday. It is packed with useful apps, tools, software, resources, books, podcasts, blog posts, which help you to kickstart your next project.

Creativerly was built for the creative community, both professionals and people who want to get started in the creative area. Check out the archive to get a taste of what you can expect.


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